How can I have different resolution settings for different ranges in the PSDS?

Last updated at June 2nd, 2023

In the PSDS we have decimal places and resolution set separately.

DP is set by the unit type, for example kgf. Every time kgf is selected the same amount of DP will be used. (As well as setting this in the toolkit, it is possible to do a long key press left/right to move these DP on the fly).

Resolution (size of step) is set on a per range basis, in the base units of that range. For example, it would be possible to do the following:

DP set to 0.000 for kgf

Range 1: Set resolution to 0.001. 0.000-1.000 will be displayed in steps of 0.001

Range 2: Set resolution to 0.1. 0.000-10.100 will be displayed in steps of 0.100

Range 3: Set resolution to 1. 0.000-1000.000 will be displayed in steps of 1.000

(Available resolutions are 1, 2 and 5 and these are set in the base unit if you choose a different resolution, the nearest will be applied. So if you put in 0.3, the display would increment in steps of 0.2. Unit conversion is also applied to the resolution if you change units and it will snap to the nearest appropriate resolution.) 

Another consideration might be whether it would be more useful to show Range 1 as grams force, Range 2 as kilograms force and Range 3 as tonnes force metric? Then each of those could have the appropriate resolution and DP set?

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