Is my SensorSpace gateway correctly configured and connected?

Last updated at January 3rd, 2023

For a general overview of SensorSpace and how to get set up quickly, please see the SensorSpace Quickstart guide.

You can see if the SensorSpace platform is receiving data in this article.

If SensorSpace is only showing the Status variable for your device then your device has successfully connected to SensorSpace at some point. 

At this initial start stage, if Status shows as zero (good) but there are no other variables then you should ensure that the variables have been successfully added to the gateway device. Pair to it using the T24 toolkit (see here) and check the input channels page. Check the Cloud Delivery Interval. Check the channels are assigned as expected.

If the Status is showing 62 (timeout) then the device has not yet received any data from those data tags. Check the data tags have been entered correctly. Check that the radio settings of the gateway device match those of the transmitters. Check that the transmitters have been woken. (You can set the gateway device to wake modules when it is powered up and keep awake.)

You may also find this troubleshooting decision tree helpful here.

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