SensorSpace Glossary

Last updated at August 10th, 2020

API label

Identifier for devices and variables as set by the device. This cannot be changed.



A customised portal that changes the look of SensorSpace to suit the customer. Multiple organisations can be assigned to a particular container.


User defined arrangement of widgets used to display live and historic data

Data tag

Four character identifier for T24 modules. This will be set as the API label for variables in the T24 hardware device


A delivery mechanism for a group of variables to the platform

Dynamic dashboard

Dashboard that is not fixed to a specific device but can be used to look at any user selected device. Only useful if all devices share the same Variable API Labels.

Dynamic widget

Widget that can reside on a dynamic dashboard that will display the data from the currently selected device.


Action (such as SMS or email) that is triggered by a criteria being fulfilled

Hardware device

A physical device that collects data and delivers to the platform

Input channel

Inputs into the devices


Mantracourt’s viewing and logging software for T24 transmitters

Max channels

The number of channels will be limited by how fast the data needs to be sent to the platform and the tier selected


A group of Devices and Dashboards that can only be seen if your user has access to that organisation


The SensorSpace cloud where data is delivered to, stored and analysed

SensorSpace Plan

Rental agreement based on the type of delivery device (Will be combined with a tier)

SensorSpace Tier

Rental agreement based on the rate of delivery and number of variables (Will be combined with a plan)

Software device

A plug in that works with LOG100 to deliver data to the platform

Static dashboard

Dashboard where all widgets display data from specific devices.

Static widget

A widget that is assigned to specific variables from specific devices

Status variable

An extra variable created by each device giving the state of the device and its inputs

Synthetic variable

A user created variable that is based on other variables and potentially mathematical functions. It can be used to generate averages and peaks etc


Mantracourt’s own proprietary wireless protocol

T24 Toolkit

Mantracourt’s configuration software for T24 modules (including the SS-GT24-A etc)

Update rate

Rate at which the data is sent from the device to the platform


With differing levels of access to certain organisations


These are the outputs from the devices which appear on the platform. The data from these is stored on the platform and used by the widgets and events


Differing methods of displaying data from variables

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