How do I discover the MAC address of my SensorSpace hardware device?

Last updated at May 4th, 2023

We do not store the MAC address of each gateway. There is a way that he could find out:

  • Set the gateway to DHCP mode and connect to an Ethernet network where it will be assigned an IP address.
  • Then somewhere on that network run ‘Advanced IP Scanner) which will list everything on the network.
  • Look for an device from Manufacturer Renesas Technology America, Inc. and get the MAC address. This will be in the format 00:30:55:xx:xx:xx

To function with a particularly zealous firewall, it may also be necessary to bear the following in mind:

  • The gateway uses MQTT to communicate with SensorSpace and this is on port 8883.
  • Also time servers are used to configure internal clock so port 123 and 80 would be used.
  • DNS servers are also queried so port 53 should be allowed.

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