What are the available user levels in SensorSpace?

Last updated at September 9th, 2021

Users are assigned by the SensorSpace Administrator when accounts and organisations are created. For each organisation created (The first being included with each new account) there are three users included. Each user can have an email address associated with it for the delivery of downloaded data if that user has access to it.

Users are the individuals interacting with the organisations elements and services i.e., dashboards, triggers, switches, and alerts and different users have different rights as follows:


Managers can do everything except create or delete a device.


Explorers can do everything as above except delete dashboards, templates or widgets. Nor can they change existing devices and variables.


Dashboards users can only view dashboards but do get to see all dashboards within the organisation.

Customers can add further users to their account and users can span organisations as long as the organisation is owned by the customer. When these users log in they can see all dashboards, devices and data from their affiliated organisations.

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